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3d to 2d viewport

P Bartoli


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Convert to Group does not break the Viewport into editable objects. It is mainly intended to convert an instance of a symbol to a group.  The group is no longer linked to the symbol definition. I think it only operates on Symbols.


Here are some options.  But don't use your project file. Either create a new simple file with a few objects and a sheet layer VP, or at least  Duplicate the project file (name it Test or similar) and  in the test file, try the processes in duplicate of your viewport.


1. Do you need properly scaled 2d objects represented by the outlines in the front view?  Render the VP in Hidden line or Create a Section Viewport.    In the VP, enter the Annotation space and use the Polygon tool in Inner Boundary (paint bucket) and/or Outer Boundary (lasso) modes to make 2d shapes bounded by the VP objects. Or trace with 2d tools as needed.  It can be kind of tedious.  These 2d annotation objects can be used in place in the VP annotation space - change their attributes, shapes, etc as needed. These annotation objects dimension, move, etc in scale of the VP.  Also, they can Copy/Paste into a design layer. They scale properly in the DL.


2. Convert to Lines with help from some other steps (not a great option).

   • 1st step is to update your Front view VP in Hidden Line render. Then Convert to Lines. The result is a group. If there are curved outlines, they are converted to myriad segments. The conversion might take a long time, and entering the group can take a long time, and navigating in the group can be problematic.  If you try this, a second step is to select large areas of the objects and Compose.This will join many of the segments into single 2d polygons -the object count is reduced and navigation is improved.  Select and compose as many times as needed. The objects in this group do not retain scale of the original VP.  They will be in 1:1 scale on the sheet.


3a.  Are you trying to use the Viewport to edit the Design Layer objects? This is called Direct Section Editing or Live Viewport.  It is available in Architect and Designer products starting with vv2018.  This feature only works for section and elevation viewports.  To create a Section VP displaying a Front View Elevation:  Set the Design Layer view to Top Plan, click View menu>Create Section Viewport.  Draw the sectioning line offset enough to not intersect any of the objects.  The resulting VP is a live section and can be edited via Right click or choose View> Edit Viewport, then Section in Place. In the Edit window the view can be changed (eg w flyover tool). Objects can be added with the drawing tools. Objects can be edited with the Reshape tool. Dimensions apply to a plane as 3d dimensions.  Etc, etc.  Try it!


3b. Another similar option available on all products back at least to v2008 is to create a Saved View of design layer objects.  Match the class and layer visibility of the Saved View to the corresponding visibilities in the Front view Viewport.  Edit the objects in the saved view. A Saved View is a design layer view, therefore edits are design layer edits.  Then navigate to the sheet layer and update the sheet layer viewport to view the changes made in the design layers.






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