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Not retaining fonts in VW11.0.1??


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I am just switching over systems in our office and I have an issue with fonts again in Win XP and VW11.0.1. I have VV11 files on the desktop of Office 2 and I am opening them on Office 1. I have the same version of VW11.0.1 installed on both computers and the same files on the desktop of both while doing the changeover. When I use Office 1 and open a file from Office 2 the fonts are always different. If I open the file on 2 the drawing is OK. All the same fonts in use are on both systems and all the VW preferences are setup the same.

What am I missing??


Tom in PA.......no I am not using VW on two computers, just changing over systems

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Yes font mapping is in place. Another note, I did a batch convert from 8.6.2 to 11.0.1 and that went OK for some files, some files I lost all layer info on one layer and this font thing is rearing its head. Some of these files had the fonts changed manually and after I re-installed 11.0.1 and went after the drawings the fonts have changed randomly. I know they have changed because I have a print out copy after the batch convert, after the fonts were changed.



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In your first message, you said the fonts are different for the same VW file on different machines. Do you mean for a certain text object, the OI palette shows a different font depending on what machine, or does the OI palette show the same font name, but the text is drawn differently? In your second message, are you saying that the font for some text objects changed as a result of the batch convert?

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