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Apple Event - Oct 30 2018

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I have a feeling its geared towards creative pros. Most of the rumour sites point to a new iPad Pro and a new Apple Pencil but those items alone wouldn't merit their own event. Based on some specific rumours I've seen over the last few months (iPad Pro with USB C instead of Lightning, iMacs with updated displays / special display hardware, a standalone display) I feel like there's a chance there might be a blending of worlds. Not in a iOS and MacOS becoming one, but in a complementary way. For example -

  1. What if your iPad Pro could plug into your Mac and become a tablet that allowed you to draw using the Apple Pencil as an input device.
  2. Or your iPad Pro became the full size equivalent to the MacBook Pro touch bar only for your full size desktop. It could allow for a variety of different inputs for creative professionals doing drawing, video & sound editing, animation etc. or even for user customized interfaces specific to any industry.
  3. Or an iMac display (or external display) that allowed you to draw on it using an Apple Pencil.

While Apple were looking the other way, there's been a lot of movement in this space. Microsoft Surface (Various), Wacom (Cintiq), Adobe (Ink & Slide) are all examples. There is evidence of a closer relationship with Adobe again so perhaps they're combining to bridge across various product lines.



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