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Symbols cannot be edited?


This may be one of those "bugs" that is presented as a feature, but it's a stretch to me. In previous versions of VW, if you realized you wanted to edit a symbol you would double-click on any instance and you'd get the question of 2D or 3D editing. After choosing, 3D you'd be inside the edit window. The symbol would be oriented in the way it was created--exactly what one would need for editing. At some point, VW stopped doing this and an extra step was added where you'd have to select Top/Plan and watch the symbol instance slowly rotate into its created position. OK, an added step, but no big deal except for one small problem: None of the other orthographic projections work. Go to Front view, for example, and you get the front view of the instance you selected at random. What? The same is true for the other views. Symbols can be placed everywhere and at all sorts of different angles. There is almost never a time where you would want to edit it at some skewed, random angle. More importantly, the fact that the orthographic projections do not "line up" flies in the face of drawing standards. This is really a problem. I don't want to have to hunt through the resource manager to find a symbol so I can edit it as it was created. I've already found it and double clicked on it. Anyway, if this is a "feature" that won't be fixed, please let me know. If it is a bug--which it is, in my opinion--I'll add it to the list. If I'm doing something wrong, that would be the best result. Something I can fix right away.



VW2018 SP3

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You will get unfamiliar orthogonal views if these buttons aren't set correctly. If you have the Blue button highlighted then you should see orthographic views that reference the Layer plane of the symbol (Symbol Definition Plane) as if you were editing the symbol from the resource manager. If you have the Pink one selected, then your views inside the symbol will be relative to the plane (current working Plane) where you came from before you started to edit. This may not look familiar, but will show the symbol instance you clicked on as it is in its currently rotated position.




Sorry if this sounds garbled, but it is the best I can do! It makes sense to me. Others folk may be able to give you better examples!

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Mike, I think the current system is based on the idea that you may want to edit a symbol in the context of its placement in the drawing.  Sometimes that is useful, sometimes not.  So if you have toggled "show other objects while in editing modes" in settings, you will see all visible objects in relation to the symbol's placement, allowing you to snap to other objects that are not part of the symbol definition.

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