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2016 Vectorworks + Mojave

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When I retired from working my practice full time I decided that the continued investment in the software wasn’t something I could justify. I also have an aversion to subscription software. However, I still undertake the odd commission and need access to some of my archived drawings. Cheapest option was to keep an old iMac (late 2012) on High Sierra and use that for the foreseeable future. I bought a new Apple-refurbished iMac (late 2015) which is now my workhorse.  I’m spending a lot more time with the Affinity Suite of programmes now I have more time on my hands. As it happens, that new iMac went belly up about three weeks ago on the very last day of warranty. It needed a new logic board, new hard drive and new memory. I’m glad the bill was Apple’s. 


Before I bought the second iMac I downloaded some trial versions of the less expensive software and after VW they felt like a serious downgrade. Also at my age (not far off 70) it’s hard to muster the enthusiasm to embark on a steep learning curve for an inferior piece of software. I did write Nemetschek and ask them to consider having a cut price deal for relics like me who have been users of the app in its various iterations for three decades or more and still like to potter with it. It’s being considered, I’m told. 

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