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Rendering Styles Similar to Lumion

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Hi, I have become enamored with the output from Lumion that I have seen working as an exhibit designer.  I have been rendering using Renderworks for 8 years and have overall been happy with the results.  Where I get frustrated is when I start to add realism such as glows, lighting, reflection, bump.  I certainly expect the rendering time to increase, but I've had renderings take 20 + hours.  I am tweaking certain settings to speed things along, but timing seems to be an issue.  

From what I've understood from forums and word of mouth, Lumion is a great, intuitive rendering solution that tends to put out fairly quick renderings that are equal to greater in quality than renderworks.  I am sure mouch of this comes down to program aptitude, but it led me to investigate further.  I didn't make it far before I learned Lumion is ONLY PC based.  Our office is 100% mac and not going anywhere else anytime soon.

Has anybody figured out ways to render images that have a certain watercolor effect similar to Lumion's Color Sketch style?  Additionally, has anybody found another program similar to Lumion that is operable on Macs?





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Try TwinMotion. Its available for MAC and looks like it is cheaper too.

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ahh mark beat me to it.. 🙂 

We use Lumion. But Twinmotion 2019 is similar, and also available on Mac

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Thanks!  Twinmotion looks pretty good.  Not quite as good, but very similar.  I am really after the Color Sketch rendering style lumion offers, but figure I may have to try to replicate in photoshop....OR convince my office to bootcamp my mac and pay up for Lumion 🙂

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