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Oliver Hauser

Label legend symbol problem VW2019 SP1


Hi All, I have an issue with label legends in VW2019 SP1. The lighting symbol just disappears in the LL manager. The labels are still present and all layers and classes are visible but still no symbol.
VW is not saving the checkbox setting(Use Layout Symbol) when editing the label legend.



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The problem seems to exist for me in files migrated from earlier versions. A clean file with a brand new legend and all works as expected. An ongoing file or library label legend shows this or other odd behaviour. In the enclosed file the behaviour I get is that when swapping out the base symbol with another, both are added.


Label Legend Anomoly.vwx

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Basically, a light instrument that was assigned to a label legend just disappeared. When editing the label legend and trying to re-assign the instrument, it doesn't save the selection.


Attached is the file. You can check the "CONVENTIONAL" label legend. This is the LL that does not want to attach a light instrument.

218.05 light plot_Via Kanana Vesinet.vwx

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@markdd Hey Mark,


This was a brand new file created in VW2019 😞


I found a workaround for now.

I selected the fixture I wanted and using the create label legend from the fixture, it would duplicate the currently active label legend and I would delete the old one.


But hope the issue is fixed in SP2.

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I just opened your file. I found a locus where the symbol should be. I tried to swap it out with a symbol from the "edit fields" section of the LL manager and of course it worked fine!! You are not the first person to discover this though. There is definitely an anomaly with these that I hope will be looked at. I ran into the problem pretty soon after downloading vwx 2019 as I was keen to see the 3D label legend improvements which are really welcome and do work beautifully.


The obvious workaround is to go to the label legend symbol and add it yourself. Back in the mists of forum activity, I seem to remember a discussion with @klinzeyabout the need for the base symbol to be a 3D lighting Instrument symbol or at least have a 3D component that matched the 2D. This is because apparently the legend used to respond to the 3D component as well as the 2D. I am not sure that is the case anymore, unless, of course you are going to use the 3D components as well. However, I have always stuck with that rule just in case.

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