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1 hour ago, Luis M Ruiz said:

@Zeno Here is a little trick I found from several files users sent. For interior renderings and interior elevations models, instead of just leaving the 3d model seating empty on a surface, how about placing it inside a box?  this will contain all bounces of lights.

Finally, once you get the viewports ready, crop them as needed and adjust the contrast and brightness using image effects. 

Here is an interior rendering for a virtual model, I used to have plenty of those spots and after testing this new technique, seems like light can be controlled better.


Tell us later if this suggestion makes any difference for you.


interior 1.jpg



Luis. Your works looking f**king awesome. Really. I love it.


I'm not sure to understand what you mean. The model in a Box? Like Jack? 🙂 How can i add natural light in my appartment in a.. box?



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@Zeno Correct, literally inside of a box, a cube. But here is the approach, for interior renderings that only make use of real lights inside the model this works, as Jim Wilson said in one of his workshops, prevents the bounces of light from traveling infinitely. Think about this method like building a fake store inside of a black warehouse.

But you are right, in case of needing a heliodon object, then no use.

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@Zeno Here is a sample model that worked well with the box approach. The illumination is generated from real light sources. The materials are very simple, wood from our library, a bit of blur, reflection, glass, carpet and white texture for the ceiling. And as you can see, no weird spots.

If you save your settings as a render style you could reuse it when creating a panorama for example.


see link:   https://test.vcs.vectorworks.net/links/11e8a20bc32623609be50efe23c56710/


expensive closet.jpg

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