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Hardscapes for gravel, hoggin, no-dig construction

Helen Palmer

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Hi All, 

just coming to grips with the new hardscape styles, in particular the new 3d section aspect of them. I've found quite a few hardscape styles via the resource browser but I am particularly looking for some for gravel and hoggin areas, and no-dig construction including strengthening systems such as Golpla and Cellweb for installing paving over tree routes.  Has anyone found this, or made these, or do I need to start from scratch? Below is a standard section (each element drawn individually) which I would like to create into a hardscape style.


many thanks




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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Helen

No, I don't think there is anything standard in the library, so this is a great opportunity to practice the new way to create a style.

Start with one that has some components already and modify it.

Click Hardscape and on the Tool Bar, click the Resource Selector, and choose one.

Draw a small area on your drawing area. (This will import a copy of the selected style into your drawing.)

With that area selected, on the Object Info palette, next to Style, choose Edit Style from the pop-up menu. You can then rename it, and select each component and edit it as you wish.

The newly named version of this style is now present in your drawing and available to be used. 

If you want to add it to the library, just right-click on its definition on the Resource Manager, and choose Export.

Export it to your User Folder > Object Styles > Hardscapes. That will make it available to you in the future, from any project.


Good luck!

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