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North Arrow classification problem

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I've been using 2018 for some time now and am frustrated with the inability to change the class assigned to the North arrow. It defaults to Notes-Sheet. No matter how many times I try changing it to my own desired class or editing the class, I can not get rid of the blue fill. I can't even override the class settings in the attribute palette. What the heck am I doing wrong?


(I just discovered that it is blue in some of the arrow configurations. I happen to like Config 10 though. Yes I can make my own symbol & probably will.)

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Did you solve this? Try a restart?


Here is some info I"m seeing about colors and north arrow:

The north arrows are typically black line with some fill areas in black.  But Layer color can alter this if enabled.  Some components of a North Arrow object can be re colored via Attributes palette depending on status of OIP Arrow Graphics option.  Some attributes can be assigned via class settings, too. But some of the components of a North Arrow seem to be unaffected by direct mods to attributes or class settings.


Layer Colors may be changing your arrows to blue.  If Document preference for Use Layer Colors is enabled, then layer color defines the color fills in the North Arrow placed on a design layer.  In the Navigation or Organization Palette pick the layer and click Edit. In the Dialog, click Colors and set the foreground and background fill as desired, Pen colors, too. Layer color Foreground fill default is black. Background is white.


If Document pref is disabled, then class or individual attribute settings control North Arrow fills and line colors.  Except, several of the arrow configs (3,5,7,8) have one or more elements that are black if the OIP Arrow Graphics option is Filled.  Class color or individual attribute is substituted by toggling Filled/Unfilled.  Otherwise, you are stuck with the black fill.


My north arrows accept and maintain class and class attributes changes, except for certain components in configs 3,5,7,8.  Not sure why your north arrow does not. Try a restart.

Sheet layers do not have an option for Layer Color.  As far as I can tell, a viewport annotation space also has no Layer Color.




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