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Door and Window in Wall Issues



I had a problem with wall and 'window-in-wall' and 'door-in-wall' behavior in 2019 and it persists with SP1.

This is frightening as I'll be working on a 3D model with some very complicated wall shapes, as well as

mostly straightforward level height walls, and the doors and windows seem to move or disappear without warning.


Undo still won't work with walls. Many times a wall will become 'frozen' - the doors and windows won't be moveable

or changeable when inserted in the walls. This is not only slowing down my production by more than 50% since I have

to constantly redo work, but I'm not sure if the file will maintain any level of integrity.


I'm on a deadline and now forced to deal with these issues. I regret upgrading to 2019.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I am not able to replicate any of this oddness here in a test file, are there a set of steps you are able to do there that always replicate the issue? Does it happen even in a new blank test file, adding a few walls, inserting some objects and then going through the undo list?

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