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Variable wall thicknesses for existing structures

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We do a lot of extensions to city terraces and old buildings with variable wall thicknesses.


I was wondering how others get around this in terms of drawing it with the wall tool? We don't need to show any construction information in these wall styles, a simple block colour that we can label as 'existing walls' is fine, but what we're not so keen on is making many different wall styles to suit the different thicknesses one can find on buildings of this nature. 


Is there a wall style that you can quickly edit the thickness of in the OIP? All ours have this window greyed out.

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We face this from time to time in reno work. Not sure if this is the best way to do it or not but I do this on the fly as an existing walls  only have one component 99% of the time:


-1) Draw existing walls using a Wall Type, in this example representing a  200 (8") thick CMU wall. It has one component Dark Grey Solid Fill with lines of the same colour

-2) Convert the walls that need to be edited to an Un-styled Wall

-3) Locate where walls have hidden or furred out columns, additional masonry, plaster, GWB etc & use the Split tool so the wall is broken into different pieces based on the new thickness

-4) Select Components for each wall to change & alter each one based on the thickness of the wall that projects into my space

-5) Use the Eyedropper to change walls that have the same thickness


I also generally Lock existing walls as well as walls once they are in the correct place. Can be a bit of a pain if there is a door or window that straddles two wall thicknesses but that's not happened very often to worry about. 

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Funny coincidence; Ijust had to edit a drawing with these kinds of existing walls & this way of working not only saved time at the time of drawing but now it saved a ton of time as some of the wall bump outs don't go all the way to the U/S of the roof deck. I had to show two new section details for a revised structure & using this allowed me not to have to worry about where connections were and how high walls are & where they end.

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