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I have an Ilustrator eps file that i want to import into VW 10.5 and have it as an editable object/s. The file is mainly text that was originally a Quark document but exported to eps. Is there a way i can do this. I dont need to be able to edit the text or anything like that, its just that its a company logo and i want to have it exactly as it appears in the eps. At the moment when i import it, it comes in as a bitmap. As it happens I may have to make a small 3D model of it and dont want to have to draw it again.



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Hi Ritchie,

If you have a later version of Illustrator that can save as DWG, you will get an editable vector file in when imported into VW. However, there is a difference between Illustrator bezier curves and VW spline curves, so you'll have to check your curves in VW to make sure they don't noticeably distort.

If you find curve distortion to be a problem, you can get a plugin for Illustrator to save a DXF file with arcs. I am using EXDXF-Pro, which costs about $90, and works great with VW.



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When you imported as EPS, did you get single objects that you could move, or nothing imported, or what happened?

The other option is to save the file as a PICT file type and use the IMPORT PICT menu under the File menu - not from in Import Image.

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