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Michael Gilbert

Clicking Palette Button

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Is there any way that I can possible reference a button in Obj Info palette? I cannot use location based upon X & Y pixel distance from a found image such as "Rectangle" text. VS script, python, anyway at all? Just run out of ideas. If the buttons were static this would not be an issue but because the button array is dynamic am unable to specify location based on pixel location and Accessibility Inspector in OS X does not show a reference for the buttons per se.


In prior versions a macro trigger, e.g. Command+1 (on numeric keypad) would click the bottom left button. However, unable to recreate in 2017 using Keyboard Maestro due to dynamic button array.181009-0001.thumb.jpg.f5baf2eb7c6f92c5b99cf898c4380bad.jpg Any out of the box ideas anyone? For example, disable dynamic button display and make it static?

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Are you just looking for a way to assign a keyboard shortcut to the widget?  There isn't any to access UI elements via scripting.  You can create a dialog box that will allow for keyboard shortcuts, but not manipulate the existing palettes.


I would recommend making a feature request.

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Are you just looking for a way to assign a keyboard shortcut to the widget? Widget? Do you mean the Obj Info palette?


I have a macro that can activate Obj Info palette regardless of initial conditions. Follow on macro to ascertain if selection is Group, Rectangle, Polygon, etc. Have macro to place cursor in x dimension field. But cannot work out how to click radio button - even when restricting to objects that are at 90 or 180 degrees. I thought I had solved it but then in use realised that the button array is not just displaying object orientation but actually expands or contracts based on x & y dimensions as per images.131144868_ScreenShot2018-10-09at20_05_26.thumb.jpg.564bf0d87218db95222b08c837b1e786.jpg1657921640_ScreenShot2018-10-09at20_05_07.thumb.jpg.535d80093c69c51fe7097843925cdf22.jpg

I can test for dims y>x, x=y, x<y where needed to work out orientation and shape, e.g. for a rectangle  but because the button array expands and contracts I cannot use a pixel reference as a mouse click location which I would be able to do if button array was static. Bummer :(



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Just for interest. I have figured out how to use Keyboard Maestro to click buttons.

Using If statements, if X axis > Y axis, etc.

This can also work for other objects but in each case only for 90 & 180 degrees but does the job for what we needed.

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