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Selection of questions across a variety of topics



Hello everyone,


I have a bunch of questions relating to various aspects of VW (mainly site models related).


What would be the best way to get some answers? Post here as a series of bullets or numbered lines and then if anyone knows the answer they can simply pick a question and answer?


Would appreciate any suggestions. Most of the answers are probably just 'Yes' and 'No' 🤣





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21 hours ago, Jainsworth said:

What would be the best way to get some answers


Have you searched for the problem(s) using a suitable keyword(s) from..

Or come back with a list - but its good to go on the search, because you'll often stumble over other (sometimes better) ways of achieving the same thing.



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@Gadzooks Thanks for the info!


Generally how I work in these scenarios is I try those sources first when I encounter something that either I don't understand or can't work etc. So hopefully my questions are not addressed in any vids or tutorials!


Anyway, here are my questions if you have any answers! Thanks again!


1. Is it possible to customise the colouration of a site model beyond a maximum and minimum colour? (e.g. above 50m in height the model will become red). So far my workaround has been to copy and paste the model, and limit the Z values on each so that one model ends where another starts vertically.


2. Can you fill in the clip cube so it gives an interior of the site model? Normally the clip cube shows the interior of the site as hollow.


3. Can I select one particular aspect of the site model and alter it? In my case this would be the transparency of for example just the surface on the top and not the sides/underneath etc. I have struggled with making the site model see through with a lot of trial and error.


4. Is the best way to remove site modifiers and their associated effects to remove them from the specially created modifiers class?


5. Is it possible to apply a 3D line across the site model surface? Another way to put this is can you drape a shape over the site model. This would also be useful for property boundary feature.


6. Can you add a water level to the site model?


Thanks again and if you can provide any answers that would be great 😁



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