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Crash when calling constructor VWParametricObj()

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I have some own plugins written in c++ which have been working without any problems. Since last update to Build 448893 my Plugins are crashing.


This is from the macOS crashreport:

Exception Type:        EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV)
Exception Codes:       KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x0000000000000000
Exception Note:        EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY

Termination Signal:    Segmentation fault: 11
Termination Reason:    Namespace SIGNAL, Code 0xb
Terminating Process:   exc handler [0]

Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread
0   net.nemetschek.vectorworks    	0x000000011198ce08 0x10f2c4000 + 40668680
1   de.runtemund.RuntemundModule  	0x00000001277f0478 VWFC::VWObjects::VWParametricObj::SetParametricHandle(char**) + 136
2   de.runtemund.RuntemundModule  	0x00000001277f05a8 VWFC::VWObjects::VWParametricObj::VWParametricObj(char**) + 72
3   de.runtemund.RuntemundModule  	0x0000000127724af4 RuntemundModule::BeamObjectEventSink::Recalculate() + 68 (BeamObject.cpp:219)
4   de.runtemund.RuntemundModule  	0x00000001277dc9f4 VWFC::PluginSupport::VWParametric_EventSink::Execute(ParametricMessage*) + 132
5   net.nemetschek.vectorworks    	0x000000011094b4ec 0x10f2c4000 + 23622892
6   net.nemetschek.vectorworks    	0x000000011095d785 0x10f2c4000 + 23697285
7   net.nemetschek.vectorworks    	0x0000000110cf886c 0x10f2c4000 + 27478124
8   net.nemetschek.vectorworks    	0x0000000110d0ad66 0x10f2c4000 + 27553126
9   net.nemetschek.vectorworks    	0x0000000110d0eea7 0x10f2c4000 + 27569831
10  net.nemetschek.vectorworks    	0x0000000110d117d7 0x10f2c4000 + 27580375
11  net.nemetschek.vectorworks    	0x000000011172c3b0 0x10f2c4000 + 38175664
12  de.runtemund.RuntemundModule  	0x00000001277249e1 RuntemundModule::BeamObject::CreateBeamObject(VWFC::Math::VWPoint3D const&, VWFC::Math::VWPoint3D const&) + 191 (BeamObject.cpp:187)
13  de.runtemund.RuntemundModule  	0x0000000127725f93 RuntemundModule::BeamObjectDefToolEventSink::HandleMode0SimpleBeamCreation() + 115
14  de.runtemund.RuntemundModule  	0x00000001277ded30 VWFC::PluginSupport::VWTool_EventSink::Execute(ToolMessage*) + 832


This is the relevant code:


EObjectEvent BeamObjectEventSink::Recalculate()
	if(fhObject==NULL || VWParametricObj::IsParametricObject(fhObject)==false)return kObjectEventError;

	VWParametricObj obj( fhObject ); // This line is crashing


I have no Idea, what is wrong...


System: macOS 10.13.6


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448893 is a special SDK, released by the German online update of last Monday.


(As I am not an employee of ComputerWorks, I will not tell more, esp. in public. Sorry.)

Edited by Nicolas Goutte
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Does that mean, that there are breaking changes to the SDK during one version? Where do I get an updated SDK for that?

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My direct boss @Hans Martin Kern suggests that you should contact ComputerWorks for getting that SDK.


And yes: that special SDK is not binary compatible to the regular SDK.

(The English VW still uses the regular SDK.)

Edited by Nicolas Goutte

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Hi Nicolas,


thank you very much for your help. In the meantime I was already in contact with ComputerWorks and they sent me a link for downloading the actualized SDK. I could compile everything new and now it seems to working as expected. Ok, weekend is safe 😉


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