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Callout tool, no arrows



VW2019, Mac.  The callout tool doesn't automatically apply the chosen arrow to the end of the line.  I have an open arrow selected, but when I insert a callout, there is no arrow.  I have to toggle the arrow off, and back on manually in the attributes palatte to get them to show.  I have to do this for every callout.  This happens with new, and existing files.


Any help appreciated.




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I am unable to reproduce the noted behavior trying 2 approaches:


1. Using the initial settings dialog located in the upper left of the menu bar I selected an arrow style other than the default.  The arrow appeared as intended after placing he note.

2. After installation of the note I changed the arrow style via the OIP "marker attributes". It changed as intended.


I was able to sort of reproduce the described behavior by first installing the note with the marker box unchecked. After placement the note would then not accept any arrow or other marker using the OIP "marker attributes".


screen shot.pdf

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Ah.  The callout tool is taking the marker information from the design layer settings, not the callout tool settings.  Once I changed my design layer to the open arrow, it works.  What's strange, is that the design layer marker was set to a filled arrow.  Maybe if the callout tool marker settings don't agree with the design layer marker settings - it shows nothing?


Either, way - I think the marker settings should be controlled by the callout tool settings, not the design layer.

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