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Space Labels in 2019


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Has anyone used the space labels in 2019 yet?


I usually have 2 labels for each space (Plan and RCP) and control the visibilities with classes... But this doesn't seem to be working in 2019. Both labels show up no matter what classes you have turned off/on.  You can still assign each space label to have its own class, but I can't figure out why you would do that, as you can't control the visibility of each label via class visibility.


I feel like they changed the way spaces work, when they updated how all tags work... so I am missing something.



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yeah, the label classing is broken...as well as a few other elements of spaces having to do with Space Styles.  I believe some of the issues are being fixed in SP1...but hopefully it will all be taken care of soon.   With the new Data Tag object, we are actually planning on using the space labels just as a drawing aid and placing all the labels on the Annotation Layers.  So this is forcing us to do that in our one project that is in 2019.  

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Sorry, I should have updated this post when I found the work-around.   The solution I found is to use Data Tags to label the spaces.  You create the space, and don't assign a label to it in the Spaces Dialog, but you can attach a Data Tag to each Space. You can then control their visibilities through classes. If you attach the Data Tag in Design space, it will use the properties of the Space object to get information, so you can assign a ceiling height, area, etc.

It took me a little bit to get it right, because I have Space Label symbols that I've been using for plan vs RCP, so I had to add those to a default library file in order to use them through Data Tags.

It's not as clean as it was formerly -- you have to keep the "Show 2D Boundary" checked. But since the Data Tags are not included in the "Room-name/number" class anymore, you can just turn off the space class.


good luck.

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This is exactly what we have been doing...and even after the space label fix will most likely become our standard.  We are more and more trying to push tag/markers/notes/etc to the annotation layer to keep drawings organized.  Alway fought the stacking order of space objects ... want the boundaries to be behind everything but the label on top.  So the new Data Tag object allows us to do just that, per drawing PLUS the Data Tag can be used in 3D (live elevations & sections) as well.  Probably will help eliminate a handful of classes from our standard in the process.  The only issue is much of the data is not editable from the Data Tags (finish labels, ceiling height, etc), but not the end of the world.


That being said, still want the bug to be fixed so those tags work with our older drawing standard.

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@Joe Marshall

I did not realize you could have Data Tags attached to objects in the model while in Annotations until your comment and I tried it.  My mind is officially blown.   I must have missed that part in skimming through all of the 2019 material.  This is a game changer!


Not sure if it has been submitted as a bug.



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