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Updating all Worksheets in a file



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Try this script. It should do what you want. Be careful, you could make a bunch of complicated WSs and it could take a very long time to recalculate them.


You can make the script into a menu command you can add to your workspace using the directions in this thread.

Procedure RecalcAllWS;
{January 14, 2021}
{©2021 Patrick Stanford pat@coviana.com}
{Licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License}

{No Warranty Expressed of Implied. Use at your own risk.}

{Recalculates all worksheets in the Resource Manager of the active}
{file and redraws to update any that are On Drawing}

Var	H1:	Handle;
	ResList, NumWS, WSIndex:	LongInt;

	ResList:=BuildResourceList(18, 0, '', NumWS);

	For WSIndex := 1 to NumWS do



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1 minute ago, Pat Stanford said:

What no keyboard shortcut!!!!  All that work and you don't even think enough to give it a shortcut.  Humph! 😉

You assume I would remember the shortcut. I won't! But I will remember where I put the command. Even so, I'm using the contextual menu now that I moved "Properties" up in the contextual menu and that moved Recalculate to the top of that menu. That is the easiest solution, granted it's not a recalculate all worksheets command.

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6 hours ago, rbryanharrison said:

I'd bake cookies for a version that recalculates only the active worksheet.  I just want to hit a keyboard shortcut rather than endlessly choosing "File > Recalculate Active Worksheet."

I would be very much interested in that one too.


6 hours ago, Bruce Kieffer said:

You can right click to get the contextual Manu and it should appear there. It does on my setup.

Screen Shot 2021-08-26 at 8.51.03 PM.png


@Bruce Kieffer What I can see 'Recalculate' function update all worksheets not only selected one. And with many worksheet present in file it can take a while to update.


Would really welcome quicker way to navigate to recalculate active worksheet function.




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