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Federated floor IFC Solibri

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There is a new feature in Solibri in the INFO Location pallet called Federated Floor.

I have done a couple of exports and don't understand how I can control this from Vectorworks to IFC.

Seems like its random. 

Does anybody know how to control this from VW?

Skjermbilde 2018-10-01 kl. 12.58.58.png

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Which values exactly do look random ?

The 7,00 m to next Floor ?


You Slab being only 3 cm thick looks like it is just the upper Component of your

VW (multi-component) Slab. There are several IFC Export options, like simple

export that could export multi-component Objects as single Solids.


I think it should export as should when you have defined your Story settings.

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The random is that in one export the federated floor was"Etasje 1" for all floors and in the next it was "Kjeller U1"  for all floors without me changing any settings.

Just trying to understand what Federation floor is connected to in the VW file. As I understood when I read about it its suppose to show native stories form Vectorworks, that is not the case now.

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You have set Stories in VW and assigned them to Layers ?


20 minutes ago, ida said:

The random is that in one export the federated floor was"Etasje 1" for all floors and in the next it was "Kjeller U1"  for all floors without me changing any settings.


So this sounds strange or like a Bug (VW or Solibri).

If you don't use VW Story settings it may work better when using Story settings (?)


As far as I know in IFC the Spacial Locations are defined like this :

1. Site : only one, can contain reference location, like height from sea level

2. Buildings : can be more than one, can contain reference location height

3. Stories : can have different sets of Stories for each Building


VW has only one set of Stories, for one Building.

But I didn't experience any problems so far when exchanging to Bricscad.

So far all Stories came in with proper height information and all Objects

were assigned to the correct Stories.


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Yes, we use stories and assign them to layers.

Location "Floor" is correct and shows the different stories right. Its only "federation floor" that is not logic.

The issue might be that we are exporting from a reference file, since the contractor wants the building 1,52 degrees tilted and in the correct geo location.

Everything else seems correct and there is no problems with hights or location.

I just don't understand the feature "federation floor" and where in VW it comes from.

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