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Zoom percentage dropdown blocked



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2 hours ago, Kizza said:

I think this is a bug.


Don't think so, I have the same so I think you'll find it WAD.


After all, it depends on where you locate your RB.



Just thought I'd mention - I find this a really clunky control and choose not to use it at all (which probably accounts for me not seeing the 'feature' you've raised). I use the zoom on my mouse, which I bet you'd definitely prefer (other navigation controls are available😏).


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10 hours ago, Kizza said:

And here it is in 2012


Apologies Kizza - the expected/correct operation of this is obviously another thing broken. Wonder how far back that happened?


We need a broken list as well as a bug list. 



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2 hours ago, Kevin McAllister said:

Definitely a bug in both VW2018 and VW2019


Same on 2017 for me Kevin. And yes - all other dropdowns behave.


Simple to have found this in Beta (TBH should have been Alpha). Probably not considered important enough, as (only!) shoddy workmanship rather than a major disruptive bug.


I'm betting this was probably introduced when they 'polished' the Resource Browser.


(I'm also betting this will be 'adjusted' 2020 🤣)



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