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XFrog Tree import size

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I've noticed that 3D trees from Xfrog or any anywhere else come in to VW at more than 10x the original file size.  Does anyone know why?  This basically makes them unusable in VW as any serious use in visualization would bloat the file beyond what most people's hardware can handle. Attached example is a Quercus agrifolia: the 3DS file is 9.9mb - in VW it is 101.3mb

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 6.15.11 AM.jpg

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I find these XRFROG Plant geometries are very heavy, even in 3D Polygon Modelers

which are optimized for use of complex Mesh Geometries.


CAD's are optimized for Solids and custom CAD geometries.

Many do offer some limited Mesh support but that is far from optimized.

So such Plants are not very suited for VW.


I always look for Plants with very low Polygon Count for CAD or try to avoid Mesh

Plants. For example the VBVisual Plants have acceptable low geometry and do

their details with the use of Textures and Transparency by Stencil Maps.

They work reasonably well and don't look that bad.

Background plants far away often work ok enough by simple image Props.


Also these "real" Plants like XFROG or Laubwerk (I think all are using the same

geometries ?) are much too dense for my ArchViz liking as they hide everything

behind them.

(I typically use VBVisual Trees in more transparent "spring season" mode)

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This is great information - thank you.  I must admit I knew nothing about the differences in software architecture that precludes one program to solids modeling versus meshes.  I surmise from your note that programs like 3DS are geared toward these types of meshes.  I don't like using such detailed trees either but in a few cases it is helpful to get the correct volume, shadow and density.

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If a tree is important in your image or your camera comes very close it may

be worth to use them anyway.

When I searched and downloaded such trees in the past I always looked for

ones that have the least amount of triangles and file size but still look tree-like.


I use Modo or C4D and I would add such trees there, after VW export/exchange.

If you stay in VW, you can switch them off for modeling to speed up your 3D Views.

The VW file size itself doesn't matter much.

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It's my problem too : realistic plants!  Image props are good only for background.

VB visual plants are good but there are not enough species.  As a landscape designer I need specific species, that's why i use some Xfrog or Evermotion plants.


When i import .obj file from Xfrog or Evermotion, I adjust the smoothing of the mesh.  It decrease the file size at 50% or more sometimes.  Of course some branch are not so beautiful but it's good enough for un beautiful scene.


You can use the command "Simplify mesh" after import.  It's the same result.

Look at my image : all plant exept the Acer (red ones) are Xfrog plants.  Smoothing mesch at 50°.



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