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Peter Vandewalle

Height of a 3D object at a given position

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Is there a way to get the height of a 3D volume at a given x, y location?

What I need is a way to get the top Z height - bottom Z height at a given x, y position.


Any idea that could help is welcome!

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You could try GetZatXY(), but I don't know what kind of objects it accepts.  It's designed for the DTM, so possibly only 3D polys and meshes.  You could also create contours and get information about the resulting NURBS.


If the input objects are known, this could be much easier — for example if everything is an extrude or symbol, you can find the object at that point and retrieve it's bottom and height.

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why is this so hard?

I very very often make 3D symbols to resolve this very issue, being sure to place them at 0,0 Z.

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If you want to find the overall height and z location of an object that happens to be at a certain x, y coordinate, that is relatively easy. 


If if you’re looking for the height of a volume at a certain coordinate, that is a lot more complicated, especially if the top point lies in the middle of a plane or NURBS surface. 

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