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Hi All,


I have been using VW for a while and have just installed braceworks. 


It seems great and very powerfull, but i wondered if there was any guides on how to get started with it and best practises for workflows within VW to get the best out of BW?


Anything you found handy would be great to have a look at.


Thanks in advance.


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31 minutes ago, SCParker said:

Thanks Scott for that.


Its more the Bracework side of things im looking at. I am already a competent user of the VW software for designing large scale rigs and models. Its the integration into Braceworks i was looking for any advice / tips on.


Or if its all self explanatory then i will work it out.


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It's somewhat self explanatory.  But I recommend a healthy amount of patience when you start to get in to it.    You also have to pay pretty good attention to what you're doing to make sure loads really are added where you expected them and stuff.    It seems to behave a bit more like you would expect it to in 2019.   There were quite a few idiosyncrasies with the behaviour of things initially and though improved in 2019,  I imagine many are still to be found when I have time to start running it through the ringer.    So a lot of patience, and a healthy amount of double checking.

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12 hours ago, TomWhiteLight said:

Hi Scot, is this available as a webinar? I would be really interested in seeing it!



 This session was recorded, but I’m not sure what they’re doing with it. I’ve been asked to do a webinar sometime in the next couple of months. I’ll keep you posted. 

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