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Dealing with Vision Application/Document Settings

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Hello all,

There have been a LOT of new settings (both document and application level) added for Vision 2019. We spent a lot of time updating the help documentation so that you can adjust them when necessary. But, perhaps people are having to adjust them more than they'd like.


What we'd like to do is poll everyone for their most commonly used Application/Document Settings in Vision 2019. We will go over these and come up with some internally as well to ship as Presets for a future Service Pack. Some example presets might be as simple as High Quality or High Performance. Others may be as complex and as contextual as Night Time Rock'n'Roll Medium, Day Time Corporate Event High Quality, Large Indoor Venue High Performance, etc etc.


The advantage of doing this is that many users will not need to care too much about the different settings and what they do. They can simply select from a list of descriptive presets that seems appropriate for their file.


Thanks for all of your help!

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@bbudzon here are the settings I prefer to change from the defaults:


In the Document preference/Root properties menu:

Render Shadows TRUE (ON)

Camera FOV somewhere between 60-90

Rendering Normals TRUE (ON)

Specular Strength 100  (I like the appearance that the beam closest to me appears brighter)

Bloom Percentage- I set this to 0

Bloom Lens strength- I set this to 0

Resolution Quality: 1920x1080


Texture/Shadow/Surface Light quality: all stay at Medium for me but I can lower the surface light quality to Low without really affecting much if i leave texture quality at medium


I have my looked at Distance set for 1000 also

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