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Data Tag Selection / Auto Classing

Tom Klaber


Once a data tag is placed, there seems to be no way to select the data tag based on the type of tag it is - VW only sees 'Data-Tags".  I placed a  bunch of tags - then realized they were in the wrong classes - but now there was no way to use the smart selection to only select a single type of tag - such as door tag.  It would be good if there was still some distinguishing factors that allowed tags of a type to be broadly selected. 


On the same note - it would be great if the tags could be autoclassed based on the definition.  Like symbols, the definition symbol should have a default class that the tag goes in.  

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Yeah no problem.


This is the best new feature other than being able to type and search. 


The filters are managed from the navigation palette. right under class or design layer dropdown there is another drop down thats default is <all classes> or <all layers>, click it and create new filter. You get to choose any combo of tags, classes and visibilities along with a preview of what those filters would look like in real time as you change them.


I don't think I could use tags without the filter feature. 


Hope that helps!

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@Tom Klaber I am not sure of a way to tag the objects directly. I still use the saved view with everything off trick then only turn on the classes that come up with the filter and then use view option "Active only" and select all. Make a saved view of just those objects incase I need to repeat the action. I bet there is a better way to do this. I just haven't stumbled across it yet. 

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OK - I think we are talking about 2 different things.  


The issue I am trying to solve is to select all tags of a type if they are not on the correct class.  There is no way to auto class the tags, and use the new Data Tag tool and drop 30 tags at once - there is now no way to select JUST those tags because there is no distinguishing characteristic as VW does not allow a group selection by Data Tag definition.  So if you dropped 2 sets of tags - you are screwed and will have to do a manual selection of each one.


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If the tags you want are a certain style you can get them with the tools>custom selection. It took me a while to find the selection criteria, but here I am using wall tag w. leader style




If they are all unstyled, of the same style this will not work 


I do totally agree its frustrating there is not a way to auto class the tags as they are dropped. So all of one style of tags, could optionally be but in a given class as they are created. but its not an option I can see. 


I don't suppose the rotation works for you does it? see to the left of the screen grab, B.20 is vertical. All my wall tags follow the wall directions?? And the rotation override in the OIP does nothing. 


Hope the solution works

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