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Disappearing Walls (also slabs sometimes)


(Forgive me if this post appears multiple times, but I have posted it twice onto 'troubleshooting' and I cannot see it appear).


In our model, 'walls' sometimes disappear.

These disappeared walls don't show a fill, they don't show a wireframe outline. It is only when we 'force select' the object that we see it 'selected' as a 'ghost'.


We have devised some methods to deal with this:

1) Nudge the object. Sometimes this works

2) Replace the Wall style. Sometimes this works.

3) Toggle class visibilities to 'all visible' (note components in our walls is set to 'object class', so it wasn't that we 'forgot to turn some classes on').


In terms of toggling class visibilities, it is Interesting to note that the 'disappearing walls' will not come back if I 'Select All' class and make them 'all visible' (in Navigation Palette).


The 'disappearing walls' will only come back if I 'option-click' the visible icon for classes to make them 'all visible'. 


I have spent half an hour today fixing this problem in a small area of the project. 


This happens persistently over many wall objects in our model  (so a lot of time to do workarounds for the said VW bugs).


Every time we open the project file when we start the day we get some new surprises.


The version we are using is Vectorworks 2018 SP4. (Will we see SP5 to close out any remaining issue?)




Example 3 - Now you see me.png

Example 3 - Disappeared wall .png



Example 4- What is should be.png

Example 4. What it is.png

Example 2 - What is should be.png

Example 2 - What it is.png

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We run into this a few times a week. First I thought it's a display adapter issue but since it occurs on all different computers it cannot be. Restarting VW sometimes helps, sometimes not.



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Same problem here, I suspect the new ability to allow working as geometry is being computed is causing havoc. Navigation is choppy no mater what I set VW navigations preferences to (Best performance or compatibility or both)... Waiting patiently on SP1

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I think this is an OpenGL redraw issue.  What works for me is selecting the object and then toggling any option in the render tab of the OIP. This forces that redraw.  This seems to keep the visibility in the file. Even after I open and close the file or start a new session of Vectorworks. 

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