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Creating tiers

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I've been able to make a pad ok (actually, it's very cool), albeit with the elevation and cut/fill problems mentioned in another thread, but now I'm stumped on how to create tiered pads, such as for a stepped footer. The manual says a control fence may overlap another control fence, but should not cross a pad. So if I have 3 pads at 3 elevations that touch each other at the point of the elevation changes, how should the control fences be placed?

Also, on a sloped site where I'm doing these tiered pads, if I want to create a sloped walking path adjacent to the house, would a roadway object be the way to do it, and how would that interact with the pads and control fences for those pads?

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I had wondered if one fence would suffice. You answered that. Thank you. The answer raises another question. The "hole" you mention.....what type of VW object is that? I realize that the purpose in making it larger than the pad is be/c cuts can't be precisely vertical. But I don't have a sense of if that larger hole is a pad or ???

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