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VW 2019 some Shortcuts not working

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Tested every thing suggested:

As  Rob indicated, using the number keys above the letters instead of the keypad works, but I normally used the key pad for short cuts in VW 2018.

Just tested shortcuts running VW 2018 and they all work, using the keypad, even if "do not allow keypad entry for instant data bar activation" is selected.


Tried selecting  "allow keypad entry for instant data bar activation" as Tamsin indicated, but it made no difference VW 2019, shortcuts do not work from keypad, just changes views.


Also tested in VW 2019 editing the workspace, setting the "/" (the one on the keypad)  to select the line tool and it works, even if the data bar and edit group options has "do not allow numeric keypad entry..." selected or unselected.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello gfebres,


Thank you for your posts and updates. We would like to fix this issue in future releases. I am wondering whether you migrated your 2018 workspace file or edited your 2019 workspace file before the shortcut issue. If you did use Migration Manager, I am wondering if you can send your 2018 workspace file to me so I can investigate.



Payne Chang (pchang@vectorworks.net)

Vectorworks Software Engineer

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After latest upgrade the boomerang mode doesn't stay active by only staying on for a split second (and I'm not even opening ANY file), both on my Macbook Air keyboard and the Apple Keyboard (no extra numeric pad, the short version). It wasn't like this before the VW upgrade about one month ago, and I'm using iOS Mojave 10.14.5 (latest one too). 

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