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michael john williams

convert vectorworks to sketchup

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I also exported a 3ds file from Sketchup to import into VW and I can't get solids. Only in wireframe and the Open GL option has a line going through at the top of the tool bar.  Same experience with DWG export from Sketchup/Import to VW

And also same experience trying an import from Sketchup option.  I even saved the Sketchup model in different versions going back as far as 2016 thinking VW might not recognize a newer version of Sketchup. 

I watched a video on VW training showing how easy it is to import the Sketchup model of Frank Lloyd Wright's model of Falling Water by using the VW's command "Import from Sketchup"  with all the textures rendered.  That video was posted in 2016,  What's the deal Vectorworks engineers?  Is there a bug in the program?

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VW just needs a direct export/import with SKP files, all this messing around with other file types is just messy 😣, I'm a Rhino user too, the exchange both ways is so simple, it just works 👍

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I guess I had to write about it to think about it. (sorry VW engineers for being frustrated with you)

I miss understood some of the options. 

To recap, I am using VW2020    I saved the Sketchup model in version 2019 since VW gave me a message my v2020 sketchup model couldn't be imported.


In VW, I imported the sketchup model with the following things checked in the dialogue boxes.  here are screen shots of the options to check.  The model came in with all sides rendered.   


The biggest caveat to share is I am a landscape designer, and my sketchup model is basically a rendering of basic outside shape of things with siding to better present to client.  (I simply have an easier time quickly modeling things in sketchup) So I cannot speak to walls and windows and doors importing correctly.



Screen Shot 2020-02-02 at 7.40.46 AM.png

Screen Shot 2020-02-02 at 7.40.55 AM.png

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