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Customizing Workspace to include 'Publish' and 'Page Setup'


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The short need is the ability to have 'Document Setup' and 'Publish' available in ALL Workspaces. Possible?

I work in a custom workspace called ConnectCAD for my wiring work. All is good, but I can't use 'Document Setup' or 'Publish'.

I have to switch to 'Architect' workspace to get the 'file-publish' and 'Document Settings - Document Setup' options to appear.

I've tried customizing my ConnectCAD workspace to add 'Publish', and 'Document Settings - Document Setup' but it doesn't appear as an option in the customize screen

Anybody know how to do that? Am I missing something silly?




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All workspaces are completely customizable. What you want is pretty basic.


My primary recommendation is to make a copy of your main workspace and edit the copy so any updates from VW or connectCAD don't destroy your changes. Updating them is not yet automatic.


This explains the process better than I can.



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Just a quick note from us at connectCAD. Workspaces are your territory. Surprising how many people don't know that you can change them to be comfortable for you. Think of it as your desk. We provide a workspace to get you started but it's YOUR space not ours 🙂



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