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2019 Undo Bug - VB-154417



We're seeing the following behavior:


If we do an action - say move a wall.

Then, with a different object selected we hit "Undo" - the software breaks down.


Here's an example where I moved a wall and then selected a car and then thought to undo moving the wall.

It moves the wall back on-screen, but creates a ghost object where the wall actually is.  From here on things get messy.  You need to cut and paste the wall to reset it to work properly.


It may just be walls that are affected by this bug, but it has resulted in corrupted files for us where we've had to go back to an earlier saved version.

We've duplicated this on both of our workstations.


This one is nasty enough, that we're likely going to resume using v.2018 until SP-1 comes out.



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I started using 2019 2 days ago and there are many odd things happening with editing, copying and pasting walls. I have experienced the undo issue - where a wall will unexpectedly go to an odd angle and when I try to undo, undo stops working completely. Very disappointing. I already cleared 2018 off my computer and now fear I'll need to re-install it just to get my work done. Here's the file in progress:

4044 MADISON 9.27.18.vwx

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Way too many issues with this release.  I, too, have had these wall issues.  At some point during my day, I get an issue where when I clean up a wall intersection, all of a sudden any windows or doors in that wall "disengage" the wall.  I can't even select the door or window to put it back in the wall.  I've tried undoing and doing it again, but the same result.  I resorted to redrawing the wall and doors and windows as necessary, but this is not a solution.  I did find that if I quit VW, then relaunch and open the drawing, it goes away (for now).


Closing the program should not be the fix.  A stable program is...

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On 1/30/2019 at 6:24 AM, bpsabatier said:

Closing the program should not be the fix.  A stable program is... 


seemingly not available this year...


In your situation, you are probably best off just redrawing that wall.  The new wall will likely accept the doors and windows.  I find when an object 'breaks' like that, recreating it is usually the best long-term solution.


Over the last five months, we've tried to use v2019 several times... starting up new projects, etc.  Even with the latest service packs and a lot of patience, we've eventually had to abort each attempt and return to v2018.  This last week, I just re-expierenced this lesson (again).  Fortunately, backsaving to the older version of the program has worked fine.


The Undo bug I posted in this thread is mostly fixed ... but yes, I have still been able to recreate the problem - albeit after several hours in the program.

One of the other critical bugs that we discovered ... and I don't believe has been reported yet is in Floor Objects.  This one is hard to recreate - as it works fine for quite a while ... and then it doesn't.


We found that when reshaping a floor object (the polygon within the object) that the 3D object would remain unchanged regardless of the fact that the 2d geometry had been revised.  Once the bug appeared, it was stubborn and persistent.  After a fair bit of troubleshooting, we eventually replaced all of our floor objects with roof objects (with no pitch).  That solved 'that' problem.


Another critical flaw was the disappearance of all geometry display in 3D openGL.  Fortunately, our pre-saved views would restore visibility, so we just learned to work from saved views rather than axonometric or other standard VW views. 


I like a lot of the features in 2019, but using it hasn't worked well for us.


Upon Reflection:

I think the bug submital process could be really improved for program users.  Our working files have private information relative to our clients as well as lots of intellectual property that we don't mind sharing with the VW engineers, but also don't want to post publicly.  I think this forum should have an option for attaching files that are viewable only by the VW staff.  That way problem files can be attached directly to posts but remain private.  If this functionality exists, I am unaware of it.


At present, it feels like it takes a substantial amount of effort to report bugs, submit files, and help resolve issues in the software.

Clearly this is a persistent need and could use some improvement.







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I also have problems with undo not working.


Undo will still work for pan, zoom etc, but the geometrical changes seems to be stuck through all of it.Always with BIM objects - floors, walls, roofs.

My main workaround is to save frequently, close & reopen the file.

Here's the bug happening - screenshots on chronological order - when I replace a wall style, one of the actions that are often but not always buggy with undo:







Another undo bug is that after undoing a move, a ghost object will appear.  This will (usually?) clear up if I close the file and open it again.

I think this occurs when I accidentally move something in an orthogonal view when screen plane is selected, then undo the action.

(Screen plane is very useful so I hope VW doesn't phase it out.

Screen aligned is a pain tho, as you don't know where something will move to in the temporary z plane.)

Here's a screenshot of a ghost object created after undoing moving a floor in screen plane mode.



I also find textures are buggy - sometimes the texture will go for no obvious reason to the current class, even tho the object class is 100% something else (both the editable 2D geometry and 3D).


It's on iMac with Mojave and VW 2019, service pack 2.

It happens with both old files and new files using 100% VW 2019 default objects, nothing copied from old files.

Happens with both standard and custom workspace shortcuts.

Same bug on two different machines, one of them freshly erased with a clean installation of osx and VW - so I believe it is a software issue only.


I'm having to do lots of workarounds to deal with bugs, it's not very efficient.

Untitled 3.vwx

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wall screenshots in wrong order
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It seems Mojave is complicated to downgrade from, so probs a good idea to have a time machine backup or something you can revert to if you don't like it.

Also, if your display is not "retina", you may find slightly pixellated text annoying (it's for everything, not limited to VW) ... there are semi-effective terminal commands online to reduce pixellation... search for "fix fuzzy text mojave"... I used some of these on my 2013 imac:


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