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Stake DTM name ( multiple DTM)

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I got a file with multiples DTM in order to simulate different phases of the site work.


DTM April

DTM June...


I got stakes to get the DTM elevations ( existing/proposed)

I can't know which DTM my stake is giving the elevation.


Could you help?

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Would this work for you?


1.  Create a new design layers, one for each  DTM.  Name layers DTM April, DTM May, etc.

2.  Place the DTMs in corresponding layers.

3.  Add stakes to appropriate layer. Stakes could have unique color for ea layer. Control color with classes.

4.  Control which layers & stakes are visible with saved views and Viewports. 



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It could help but it's a bit hard. 

You have to do the effort of a very good order in your file.


I think the soft could help by providing a "DTM" setting in the Stake OIP.

Maybe a multi choice entry in the OIP?



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I think you are finding two problems.

1.  Any new stakes added to the drawing need to be visually or data linked to the corresponding dtm.

2.  Some (all?) existing stakes need a visual/data link with a particular dtm and phase.


For 1. above, try any or a combo of of the following:

A.   As suggested above, Place the dtms and associated stakes in separate design layers.

B.   Create a new stake class for each phase with class color assigned.  Apply the class to new stakes as they are added to the drawing (many ways to do this).

C.   With layers and/or classes established, create Saved Views and Sheet Layer Viewports as needed to isolate or compare the various phases.

D.   If this is a huge project, it may be cumbersome in a single vwx file. If that is the case, at end of each phase, Save/Close the vwx file.  Duplicate the file and name it with the new phase. Rename objects and features within the new file as needed.  Create a Master File and reference the single phase files into this Master File via Design Layer Viewports. Create sheet views in this Master file.


For #2. above, I don't know of any automatic way for an existing stake to report which dtm is its host.  It might be easiest to delete all the existing stakes and start again with properly classed new stakes.

But maybe this could work:

• Set up the layers and/or classes for each phase per ABC above.  Select an existing stake and determine its dtm by whatever knowledge you have. Change its class or layer in OIP. If that new class/layer is set to invisible, the stake will vanish from this view and you can move to another stake.  Reset visibility as needed to return the stakes and dtm into view.

• If it's easy to determine to which DTM any existing stakes refer, place a new properly classed stake and pick up the settings with eyedropper tool. Then option click on appropriate existing stakes to apply the new class.


As for the hard work, I feel your pain!  I have been there. Train yourself to follow a workflow on all projects that uses Vectorworks classes, layers, saved views, viewports and referenced files to your advantage.  Reformatting this project will take some attention and time, but the workflow will save you tons of time and uncertainty on future projects as you learn to class and layer things and present and work with them in saved views, viewports and referenced files.


As for your wish for an OIP field to assign a dtm. That's a pretty good wish!  Work up a description and post it in the wish list forum!



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@mattao  - I'm still thinking about this. Perhaps I am not interpreting your question properly.  Please explain a bit more how you are using the stakes and the trouble you are encountering.  Are the stakes used as original source data for the various dtms? Placed as site modifiers? Informational objects placed after the dtm is formed (eg grade markers at building corners, etc)?


Are all the dtms on same design layer? Are they superimposed? Side by side?

Are the stakes visible on the drawing when you are trying to determine the associated dtm?

Or  is the problem in list of stakes in worksheets?


Or is the problem trying to place a stake as a site modifier and having to click into the dtm pull down to assign it?




Can you post a screenshot or a sample file to illustrate the problems and goals?


Trying to make this work for you.




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