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Object Info Palette for Space Objects


Just noticed in VW2019 that the Object Info Palette on the Mac OS has changed, and not for the better.  I also have a PC version, and it has stayed the same, so I don't know what has happened.  I am including a couple of jpg files to show the difference.


In particular, the Space Object palette no longer gives me the option to change the Space Label Symbol or the Angle.  I used to rely on this tool quite often.  I can go into the individual space object and change it, but I can no longer select multiple space objects and change it from the Object Info palette.  Very frustrating.


Please fix this back to the way it was, and still is on the PC.




Windows PC-Object Info Capture.JPG

Mac OS-Object Info Capture.JPG

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Well, on my mac here I do not see what you're seeing, the OIP entries for the Space object are identical to the windows side as they should be.

Do you see the same issue in a new blank file with a Space object added? Do you see the same issue if you switch to any other available workspace on the Mac side?

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Yes, I tried a blank file with a different space object and it was the same.


I also just tried switching to different workspaces (VW standards), and still the same problem.


Not sure what is going on...

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Got it figured out, though I am still confused by this issue.


I selected one of the space objects, and went to Settings.  Under Advanced Settings, there is an option to show different Space Properties under the Object Info Palette.  For some reason the Default Settings were not set right, and when I selected Restore Defaults, it changed the Object Info palette to the standard.


What is confusing is that on my PC, this wasn't an issue.  So I am assuming that the Defaults is not Object dependent, but machine dependent?  Correct me if I am wrong.



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