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VWX truss symbols show length in metric, despite my program settings in imperial

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Hello all,


My vectorworks 2018, sp4, shows dimensions for all new truss symbols, only in metric units.  That same info record shows both metric and imp for a truss's weight, but for some strange reason, all truss lengths are in metric.  This is in contrast to lighting instruments, which have both metric and imperial info records.  I've checked my document settings, and, they are set for imperial "feet & inches."  Does anyone know how to change this?





VWX 2018, SP4 / Retina MBP late 2016.

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 4.47.09 PM.png

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Hello mjunderdog1,


The design and programming of Braceworks requires that all Truss Record dimensions be in metric units due to the coding.  However, if your document settings are in imperial any truss that is imported in the document will convert to imperial units.  The Truss Record will still show metric for dimensions but the Braceworks record that shows cross section data, connection data, and load data will be in your document settings.  I hope that helps answer your question.



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