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Import BIM file from DWG and keep objects editable / configurable ?

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Ive got VWX 2017 Architect and want to commission a measured survey of an existing building we are going to be working on. 


In the past we have always had 2 surveys (plans, elevations, sections) but was thinking about doing this one in 3d. 


The problem is the surveyors i use dont seem too familiar with VWX, but can output their laser survey data to a range of formats. 


They have sent me a few test files to see if they import ok, but all of the files come in a 3d solids, rather than editable 3d objects eg. if i click on a door its just a group of 3d rectangles assembled to make a door, it is not editable in the same way a door inserted into VWX is in the object info tab. 


What would be the best way to get a 3d laser survey (i believe they use Leica equipment) that would be directly editable in VWX

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