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Landru Design Tools Updated!

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Happy September 17th!

We hope you're enjoying exploring the newly-released Vectorworks 2019®!


To answer a question we several people have been asking:  All of the Landru Design tools have been updated and are Vectorworks 2019®-compatible.  In addition, several have gotten a fair amount of "under-the-hood" refinement and some boast noticable changes, the most recent of which include...:

•  The Audio ToolSet tools now offer expanded data fields and the ability to enter more info "en masse" through the "Config..." dialog.

•  AudioArray 2 now will now create "Sub Pole" configurations of arrays.

•  SoftGoods 2 now has a new functionality to estimate curtain weight based on fabric specification (like "22oz Encore).


Also, now that versions of all of our tools have been part of Spotlight® for a while, we get regular inquiries about what the differences are. In additon to the above, here are a few features that are unique to the our versions:

•  All of the tools work in any "flavor" of Vectorworks® - 2014 or newer - with or without Spotlight®.

•  The Staging ToolSet tools are all "aware" of Renderworks'® and Spotlight's® stock/default Textures.  One of this suite's tools, StageRamp 2, can now have a vertical bottom face and/or extended legs for doing things like placing ramps that bridge from one StageDeck 2 model to another.

•  SoftGoods 2 has a toggle to round displayed dimensions, includes a toggle for highlighting (or, not), non-standard pipe-and-drape sliders, and can include trims and weight in displayed text.

•  AudioArray 2 can create "T"-style bumpers and AudioBox 2 can create Top-mounted yokes.

•  VS4-Television can tilt TV casings on-the-fly and can create stands with stock or custom heights independent of TV casing height.

•  The projection tools now have a "Mounted" "Vertical Position" option, letting you specify the trim of a supporting structure and the distance down from that that the projector is to hang (define truss trim and amount of drop from that).  Also, these tools now can work with projector models that use a projection distance reference point other than the lens - like, the projector's front feet (Christie uses front feet and Barco the lens as reference).  Finally, the projection tools have been reworked to allow for UST lenses/projectors.


If you have purchased a license for a given tool in the previous 12 months, these updates are free of charge.  If your license is older than that, we believe that you'll find the upgrade offers to be quite generous - especially for the Producer's Pack 3 suite.


Feel free to visit http://www.landrudesign.com/VWPlugIns.htm for more details, to download manuals, or to check out the upgrade offers.


We continue to be infinitely grateful for our users' loyalty.  It is because of people like them (you) that that the tools are what they are today and that they are serving over 1500 users in 35 countries.

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I didn't realize there was a difference between your tools and the ones that got incorporated into VW.  Just to make sure I understand perfectly (because it effects me wanting to buy them) The updates mentioned above to the Soft Goods 2 for specifying the weight of the drape is not possible in VW19? I've not updated to 19 just yet (waiting on IT who keeps the license) but if Soft Goods 2 estimates the weight I'm assuming that will allow the drapes to be incorporated into BraceWorks. Correct?

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Yes, creating custom plate sizes IS possible.  You need to add your desired size(s) to the Pop-up choices list for the “baseSize” parameter (#31 in the Landru Design version of the tool).  You do this through the “Customize…” button in the Plug-in Manager.  1 thing, though:  items you add MUST follow the format of the things already there.  Any deviation from that will not work.


I just tested this in both versions of the tool...


Make sense?


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