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Andrew O’Neal

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Hey Jim,


Andrew O'Neal here.  This is a restaurant project...4500 square feet...in a free standing structure...and we are providing drawings of what it should look like to the architect of record.  I'm looking to create an interiors set which will include elevations, sections, millwork drawings and details for the interior build out of the space...along with exterior elevations, floor plans, a site plan and a building section.  I have built the model in Sketchup...but to do this right I really need to build it in Vectorworks.  I will be issuing the exterior elevations, site plan, floor plan, and building section this week...and I can do those from the model I've imported...but I really need to create this in Vectorworks to do the remainder of the work.  I have a couple of weeks before the next issue is due...with interior elevations and finish and plumbing schedules...but I'd like to get started with the modeling by the end of this week.  I've done hours and hours of tutorials but still haven't quite gotten off the ground with this program.  I need help setting it up and need to know how to properly model it.  When are you planning to be in the area? My number is 917-776-3995 if you'd like to text or speak directly.


Thank You,


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