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Graphics glitch?



New install of 2019, did not import user files.  First saw this when editing a file started in 2018, but after only a few operations my view looks like a 1980 video game.  once it happens it pops in and out of this state as I move the cursor.  The file in the screenshot is brand new.  Started inserting truss and on the last stick it did this.  If I pan and zoom there is a ghost image retained of the moment that the glitch occurred.  That's what the white grid to the left is.  The purple is the current page outline.  If I go into a 3d view, it shifts to green, but otherwise remains the same, glitching in and out as I move the cursor.





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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

It looks like you have three monitors, and all of them are using your Intel 630 integrated card rather than your dedicated Nvidia Quadro.

First: Make sure your monitors are ALL plugged in ONLY to the dedicated graphics card's ports on the rear of your machine. Do not use any ports for video up near the USB among the rest of the ports along the back of the machine.

Second: Perform the following, reboot, then see if the issue recurs:


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I am experiencing the same issue.  I tried disabling the second monitor, made no difference.  I've tried opening drawings from a VW 2016,2018,2019, as well as starting a drawing.  At some point soon after I begin to draw anything the screen begins to flash in blocks of color, as described by others.  At this point I, and several others in my company, are stuck unable to get anything done on an upcoming project.  Please help. 


Windows 10 Pro

i5-7500 CPU

8 gig RAM

Intel HD Graphics 630

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Hi Ben.

Mine was a very simple fix as I had plugged one monitor into the graphics card and the other into the motherboard, and it was the mother board one that was causing this issue. Plugged both into the graphics card and it fixed it.

However, I have since been contacted by the local distributor tech office, saying that since a Jan / Feb windows update other users had been experiencing the same issue, which wasn't caused by where the the monitors are plugged in.

Unfortunately, if both your monitors are plugged into the graphics card, I dont have an answer for you. All I can say is that the powers that be are aware of the issue and are hopefully trying to sort it out as it is a bit of a game breaking bug.

As a side note I think I have had more issues with VW19 than any other version of VW which is saying something. Im still using VW18 for some projects as Im reluctant to advance any on VW19 for fear of finding something else.


If Im contacted again I'll add to this post, with any news.

I hope you get it sorted.


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Jim's solution above is correct.


What is the actual computer model you are running on? Do you have another graphics card aside from the Intel integrated graphics?  My understanding is that the integrated graphics on the motherboard is not sufficient to run VW, you will have to have an actual graphics card that meets the VW specs.  


If you already have one, the problem is that windows isn't using the better graphics processor to run VW.  Follow Jims link in that case.

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It's a Problem with Intel Graphics Card (It's not recommend with Vectorworks)

If you have a Notebook with two graphics cards (Intel and Nvidia), follow this post from Jim. This documentation it's Old, but works yet (It's be possible that some options, isn't available anymore). This it's cool because have others settings that will improve OpenGL and Wireframe performance.


Preferred Graphics Processor                                                  High-performance NVIDIA processor


Ambient Occlusion                                                                      Off

Anisotropic Filtering                                                                    Off

Antialiasing - FXAA                                                                      Off

Antialiasing - Mode                                                                      Application Controlled

Antialiasing - Setting                                                                    Application Controlled

Antialiasing - Transparency                                                        8x

CUDA - GPUs                                                                                 All

Maximum Pre-rendered Frames                                                Use 3D Application Setting

Multi-display/mixed-GPU Acceleration                                    Single Display Performance

Power Management Mode                                                         Prefer Maximum Performance

Texture Filtering - Anisotropic Sample Optimization             Off

Texture Filtering - Negative LOD Bias                                       Clamp

Texture Filtering - Quality                                                            Performance

Texture Filtering - Trilinear Optimization                                  On

Threaded Optimization                                                               On

Triple Buffering                                                                             Off

Vertical Sync                                                                                  On


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Hi Benjamin,


Yeah it's works, because the Vectorworks, compatibilized your Intel Graphics Card (Onboard). It's strong recommend that you follow the step in this post below, to setup your Vectorworks to running with Nvidia Quadro M1200 (Dedicated "Discrete" graphics card - The best card compared with your Intel HD Graphics 630).


It's the best way to solve your problem, and extract the most computational power from your computer.




Paulo Renan Ferrari

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Ahh ok, yeah this is not the recommend Graphic Card, because we have many issues registered with Intel Graphic Card (Onboard)


The @Benson Shaw advice it's only way to help you with this Intel 630, and happy this works to you. Some cases this proceed doesn't work with Intel graphics Cards.


Follow the Vectorworks 2019 System Requirements


If will be possible, I suggest the New Nvidia Geforce RTX Series. Because The professional Nvidia Graphics Cards (Quadro) it's very expensive, and Vectorworks doesn't extract the Professional resource that Quadro provides (So it will not make a difference)



Entry-Level Profile:
- Geforce GTX 1050 Ti
- Geforce GTX 1650

Mid-Level Profile:
- Geforce GTX 1060 3GB or 6GB
- Geforce GTX 1660
- Geforce GTX 1660 Ti
- Geforce GTX 1070

- Geforce RTX 2060

High-Leve Profile:
- Geforce GTX 1070 Ti
- Geforce RTX 2070
- Geforce GTX 1080
- Geforce GTX 1080 Ti
- Geforce RTX 2080
- Geforce RTX 2080 Ti



Entry-Level Profile:
- Radeon R9 370X
- Radeon RX 560

Mid-Level Profile:
- Radeon R9 380
- Radeon R9 380X
- Radeon R9 390
- Radeon R9 390X

- Radeon RX 470
- Radeon RX 480
- Radeon RX 570
- Radeon RX 580
- Radeon RX 590

High-Leve Profile:
- Radeon Fury
- Radeon R9 Nano
- Radeon Fury X
- Radeon Pro Duo
- Radeon RX Vega 56
- Radeon RX Vega 64
-  Radeon VII


Paulo Renan Ferrari

Edited by Paulo Ferrari
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