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Data Tags reading/writing from/to records

Marc Davies

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I would like to use data tags to create a sequenced numbering for desk layouts which I know I can do with the number stamp tool. BUT... I want to number desks AND have the number write itself into a record "location" field for each desk so that the location number is given in a schedule. (Really useful for furniture move scheduling, identifying where items are coming from). I can create linked text to do this within each symbol, but cannot figure out how to create a plug-in parameter where the stamp tool (or similar data tag) works with the record data for a linked object, although my reading suggests this should be possible. I want to add the number automatically to a worksheet/record AND/OR pick up any existing number data from such. Anyone got similar experience?

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Why not just add an ID record for the furniture from the worksheet side and create a custom data tag that shows the id for the furniture? Wouldn't that be easier? I mean, you would see all the specifications there anyway when summarizing the items under finish, dimensions, mfg, etc... and then you would assign the id's for each item that would not match each other, even if under the same mfg / dimensions etc 

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Thanks Samuel,

I know I could do that and also add text-linked desk numbers, but it is generally easier to run amok with the stamp tool on the furniture objects in a layout for numbering because it is not easy to add numbers within worksheets as one cannot see the object. Additionally clients often have a specific preference for the numbering sequence positions. Entering via OIP records fields is similarly overly long-winded, requiring field hopping and manual incrementing, unlike the excellent auto-increment available with a data tag. If only I can get it to work.

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