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Clip Cube Views and Image Effects in 2019

Luis M Ruiz

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Hello, renderings addicts.


For those of us who enjoy creating project presentation boards, I'll share that some of my v2019 personal favorites are Clip Cube Views on Viewports and Image Effects.

Try them, combine them and stack them using different rendering modes and olé! cool new illustrations for cover sheets.


Here I leave you a few samples. Post some of yours, so we can all learn new tricks.

four effects.jpg

description of effects.png

Clip Cube 2019.png

Overlapping viewports.png

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3 hours ago, zoomer said:

I played with the Clip Cube and RW DL Renderings.


Is there any way that I can hide the Clip Cube's outlines in DL's without deactivating the Cube ?

I can see that as a possible enhancement to Clip Cube...What do you have in mind? (to gain some traction) What do you see as the benefit of being able to toggle the view of the clip cube boundary on/off?

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I do a lot of Screenshots to inform Customers about progress.

Because it is faster with DL Renderings or because I even have

no real Viewports at that time.


Of course I didn't notice that before, as so far there was NO Clip Cube

in RW Rendering.

And I see all those nice Demos and Presentations (from Viewports),

it doesn't appear there and that looks much better and less distracting.


I thought about the new color options in Interactive and thought I could

choose a color similar to background - but than I wouldn't see it anymore

for modeling 🙂

Maybe there is already any better trick or option ?



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