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Tips for creating model of theater as a templet

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I'm relatively new to Vectorworks, having only used it at a very base level in college 5 years ago. 


I would like to have a template of our theater that I can use to build our shows in. How would one go about doing that? I have a model that was created using a different software (SketchUp) but we are trying to move in to fully using Vectorworks for our shows as it makes it easy to include design the lights and stage all in one go. 


Are there any tips on how I can go about creating the model for our theater?s 

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I would suggest spending a few hours learning or brushing up on simple drawing skills. If you want a 3D model of your space then brush up on that as well. 


Learn how to add and clip surfaces, use of the wall tool, understanding extrudes, etc. Also, think about the classes you would like to use to control your model. What do you want to to be to turn on or off?  What might be helpful to separate even just to simplify the initial drawing process.


Consider the class nomenclature. For instance, perhaps every class name starts with “theater-___________” so you can quickly isolate all parts of your model visually in the Class Palette. Utilize fill color, pen color, line weight and texture by class so you can quickly change things however you might like. I would also create the 3D model as a separate entity from a plan view. In other words, draw the 2D plan separately using standard drafting techniques. That 2D plan should be on its own class. 


Keep that drawing as a separate file file and reference it into every new drawing to cut down on the size and complexity of your show drawings and also avoid someone messing up the theater model. 

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