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Lights show in OpenGL but not any final renderworks mode

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All but a few of the lights were turned OFF. I turned them all on in the Visualization palette and then the scene seemed to be appropriately lit, with uplighting on the curtain and the colored stars across the ceiling.

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I knew they were turned off I'm still missing the LED Washes there should be blue and cyan on the ceiling and walls. I attached the pdf with the rendering my boss has now. It needs those washes.


The stage and podium are lit with the lekos and the profiles are showing the gobos, but I cannot get the washes to come on other than in Open GL

Ive tried using VW lights to recreate the look and nothing, I've swapped the symbol to something similar, still nothing.

Is there a limit to how many lights can be on in final renderworks modes?


US Grant Chicano Federation VER. B.pdf

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There is a limit but I believe it is in the tens of thousands. OpenGL is limited to 8.


The white washes along the walls are what isnt appearing for you?

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No I just added those lekos in today. there are 4 led wash moving heads on the truss that are a deep blue and cyan that do not show up.

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I see the issue now and am able to replicate it. Copying the washes to another document seems to render them as expected. I recommend trying a Layer Import to a new blank file to see if the issue persists there. if it does, tech@vectorworks.net is the next stop.


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That helped to not have a corrupted file anymore, but the lights still weren't coming on.



I figured it out, I'm not sure if it's because of the symbol geometry, but I turned off Cast Shadows in the lights and there they are!

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