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Plugin w/Height, Direction & Distance (polar vector)?

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Has anyone got an example of a plugin which requires three points of input?

Is there a means to limit the 2d path object to only three points of entry, without the user having to do double click termination?

I wish to place posts along a straight line path and enter height during the placement.

First point = origin / start point

Second point = direction and distance(magnitude)

Third point = height from one of the other points, preferably the origin


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You have to create a separate tool for placement. Tools in vs have some limitations, but it should work for you.  The Developer Wiki has an article on linking a PIO to a tool. 

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Thanks for a quick response. I'm wondering whether a control point might work in lieu of a third point during placement. I've not used them before so I will have to experiment first I guess.


I can't seem to find the Wiki you mention.

My google searches kept winding up at developer.vectorworks.net main page.


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Here's the direct link: http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:Similar_Objects_Creation

Though on reexamination, it only benefits the create similar operation, so may be more trouble that it's worth.


Do you have an example of what the finished object looks like?  In re-reading your first post, you describe a 2D path, but the third click represents height, so would that be a 3D point?


Control points are useful if you want the user to be able to graphically manipulate a position or length value rather than or in addition to entering it in the OIP.  If what you want is a way to collect user input on insertion, then the control point won't really be useful.  If you want an easy way to edit the object after insertion, then use a control point.


One other thought — if your object is event enabled and you check for a created object, or if you check for IsNewCustomObject() on reset, you should be able to use GetPt() to ask for user input.  Just be very careful with UI elements in the reset code — you don't want to accidentally trigger the UI action when you have a bunch of object instances selected, all regenerating.


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Sounds like a control point is the way to go. I'm spacing pickets between two posts of a sloping guardrail on a frequent basis.

It is much simpler to graphically determine the height between the top and bottom rails than it is to calculate it. Same goes for the slope and linear path.

We've currently got a reasonably quick manual strategy but it requires about a dozen steps for each panel, each time there is an adjustment to the guardrail.

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