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Dual Monitor on iMac, eMac, iBook!!!!

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I just discovered something. I found a patch that let's my iMac 800 17" (should work with all iMacs, eMacs, and iBooks) connect to a second monitor via vga using monitor spanning not mirroring. Wow is this a productivity booster. I had an old Apple 17" multiscan monitor that hasn't been used in about 3 years. I got a Mac to vga adapter for $10 and ran the patch. I had the vga cable. These monitors are all over ebay for almost nothing but the shipping charge. Runs at 1024x768. If you're interested check out this site for the patch.



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All you have to do is zap the pram and your back to the original. Besides that my warranty expired almost a year and a half ago.

I wish I had done this a long time ago. It is really nice to completely expand the tool pallet. Also at the lower resolution the tool icons are much larger and really easy to use. And now my drawing is 1440 x 900 unobstructed pixels with no pallets. I've tried everything I know of and I can't break it.

Having said all that, you are absolutely right. I read the entire discussion board on the patch site before I pushed that button to install the patch and the only reason I took the chance is knowing I could go back to the original if I needed to.



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