Vision 2019 SP1 has been released. You can find the Mac and Windows downloads below:   Mac   -   Windows Summary of fixes: Position of MVR imports is fixed Quitting Vision in Fullscreen mode caused DMX Recorder to be tabbed on macOS on the next launch. On PC it could sometimes make the menu unreachable Fullscreen now exits to previous window position DMX Recorder will always be brought to front Trial numbers always load sponza demo file on launch If Vision does not have a previous window position at launch, it will now start maximized Patch can now be changed in Prop Win Patch no longer exhibits off-by-one errors Patch Window has been hooked into the undo table such that after OK is clicked, undo/redo will undo/redo the patch changes one at a time Deleting should no longer cause a crash with large files and multipart fixtures
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