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Vectorworks 2019

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Hi All,


Is there a definitive list of new tools introduced in Vwx 2019? Specifically tools with 'buttons' which should be in the default workspace?


I know there is a checkbox on immigration of workspaces from 2018 to add new tools, but for some reason this doesn't seem to have worked for me. Rather than setting up all my shortcuts and other settings again, I'd rather just manually add the new tools in their appropriate locations.

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That would be a better look - anyone reading this and a couple of other 2019 threads after looking at the glossy publicity would be sensing some red flags...

Here's a good example of open community testing for a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) ... don't let the price fool you - the platform is incredibly powerful and has many long time protools users (the defacto standard in the industry) migrating to it due to bugs and Avid's arrogance toward its user base... 

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The point of the affinity apps is that they are built from scratch with a focus on the UI. They are cheaper than photoshop but also don't have the legacy of years of iterations on a longstanding system. VW is cheaper than Revit, yes, but it's bogged down in years of legacy function and has a terrible UI. There's no 'clean start' in the design of VW.






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