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Strange DTM Result

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After taking a peek, Robert pointed out that some of the 3D Polys had points that were on different planes. Now, how that could have happened is a big mystery, be/c I only used the OIP to set the Z and didn't type any wrong numbers, but it nonetheless happened, and I wouldn't have thought that possible, so I wouldn't have looked there. Fixed them and problems solved. Thanks for the responsiveness, Robert.

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The problem is the dense areas be/t the yellow, blue, black 3D polygons. The contours in that area should look no more dense than the rest of the drawing.

I created 2D Polygons to match some of the contour lines from the topo. Converted them to 3D and added an elevation (1100', 1000', 960' for the 3 lines mentioned). I've checked that no poly's cross. I have 20 of them.

When I create the site model, it fills that area with a zillion contour lines even when I specify a 50' interval. When I check DTM Settings and View Options, it shows data from 0 to 2000, even though my 3d polys go from 350 to 1200. When I put a tree on the blue line (3d poly w/ elevation 1000) and Send to Surface, it shows elevation of 2000. I don't get that. In fact, in all those dense areas, the surface elevation seems to be exactly double what it should be.

Tried 3D Loci with no different result. Other areas also get the same dense result and doubled elevation, but I figure if there's an answer for why it happens one place, the same answer will apply elsewhere.


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