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this is something I have been trying to get done to avoid having two independent documents (drawings and cur sheet specs).  So far the only way to accomplish that is to have all the cut sheets uploaded to to your website project folder and then create web link column in your schedule.  The cut sheets have to be individual files in subfolders and so on, not a single book, so the sis not ideal.   However, the good thing is that if you have cur sheets online than you use "link" tool to connect not only schedules but also the items on the plans to the cut sheets.

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I was more so referring to seeing it the resource browser data section. So one could confirm they have all the info needed to know which “part” they have selected. Of course you can name a symbol, but need something with more detail you can see right on the fly when drafting.


It could sit in the same spot as record data. Would be great if you could just upload a pdf attached to a symbol or component

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