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Default font not "sticking" to callout tool

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I too have posted a query about fonts changing recently. I would go to modify, just as you said, and I would end up with part of the text in one font and part in another font. Always sporadic but a pain to go back and try to edit and hope the results stay without redoing the text over. VW11 definitely has some font issues lurking in there.


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Is the font that is NOT sticking thus reverting to Geneva a NON STANDARD OS font ?

From the description, that sounds to be the case. Depending on how you got the fonts - ie copied from OS 9 or bought from a freeware site other than Adobe - you could have something wrong with the font itself not being compatible with VW, a corrupted font, duplicate font, or the font suitcase is missing.

If you copied the font from OS 9 over to OS 10 - you are going to have this problem until you get a full OS 10 compatible version of the font.

If you bought it from a webstie other than Adobe, you may not have a good font.

To remedy any of the problems asside from the OS 9 to OS 10 copy - you can download a trial version of a Font Utility program from versiontracker.com to see if you have corrupt or missing font suitcases.

Of course, you could always switch to a standard OS font or download a similar font from Adobe. At least that way, you are guaranteed compatibility.

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The font is indeed a non standard font, if this means was it included with OS X. If this means was it written for OS X, it's a Mac True Type font. It was a fairly recent purchase, not copied from OS 9. Another item: it worked fine using VectorWorks 10.5 - no problems at all.

No, I didn't buy the font from Adobe - it's from an independent font vendor. Adobe's selections in this category are pretty limited - Tekton and Graphite - and maybe others, but I can't find them. I usually go to myfonts.com to buy fonts, since they have a really great user interface and a lot of cool fonts - and they're a lot less expensive than Adobe.

I've been playing with fonts used for lettering comic books/cartoons, since they're stylish, legible and give the drawings a less formal character. Adobe's search function returns 0 relevant hits for this category.

I don't really like the idea of changing all my handlettered fonts (that work with all my other applications, including InDesign) to a standard system font, or shelling out a bunch of $$$ to Adobe (not an option anyway, since they don't seem to have this type of font).

Since the problem is sporadic, and I can change everything to my preferred font, my workaround has just been to select all the text and change it back when I'm done modifying it.

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It sounds like there is definately a problem with the font you purchased from myfonts.com.

There could have been a corruption at download, or something happened to the font suitcase after installing, or you may have it duplicated somewhere else.

In any event, to resolve the problem, you should get a font repair utility that will check for font suitcase problems and other problems with fonts to see if it can find the problem and fix it.

While these programs usually cost money, a free demo is usually available.

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